Haematological Examination
Heamoglobin (Cynamate Method)
Complete Haemogram
Platelet Count
Bleeding Time and Clothing Time
Prothrombin Time
Smear for Malaria Parasite
G – 6PD
Urine Examination
Urine Routine
Urine Culture and Sensitivity
Urine Pregnancy
(ELISA Technique)

Stool Examination
Stool Routine

Serological Examination
Blood Group and Rh. Factor
V.D.R.L. | R.A. Test | A.S.o. Titre
Widal Test
Australia Antigen Test
Direct / Indirect Comb’s Test

Bacteriological Examination
Gram’s Staining
Pus Culture and Sensitivity

Pregnancy Profile
CBC, HB, V.D.R.L., B.L. GRP. FBS, H.I.V., HBs AG, Urine(R)
Blood Sugar Fasting
Post Glucose / Post Lunch
Calcium / Phosphurius
Blood Urea Nitrogen
Serum Creatinine
L.F.T. (Liver Function Test)
Serum Billirubin
S.G.O.T. / S.G.P.T.
Alkaline Phospates
Serum Proteins
Acid Phosphates
LIPID Profile
Serum Cholesterol
Serum Triglycerids
Serum HDL Cholesterol
Serum Amylase
Serum Uric Acid
Serum Electrolytes

Other Investigation
Mantoux Test
Semen Analysis
T3/T4/TSH/TORCH – Test
FSH / LH / Profile
Toxoplasma / Cytomegalo Virus
Cardic Profile
Renal Profile
H,I.V. Test
Serum Iron / Haemoglobin


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